Dear Muses,

I have these callings, inspirations, ideas, creative yearnings, you know... That stuff and it seems i can never find the time to get to them. I'm busy with all the responsibilities in life. But the callings continually tell me there is something creative i need to be doing. What's a mortal to do?

Answers from all the muses...


Not finding the time for creativity translates to me as “I’m not finding the time to do one of the things I’m truly here to do.” As you pay attention to the inspirations, pay attention to what part of your being they come from... It’s a pure, and spiritual side. As you follow these nudges you are following a path paved in possibility for everything you are as a mortal. There are many things we do not have in life... If you pay attention to how you spend your day and pay attention to what's important to you, you will see time is often not one of them.

Albert (german accent):

You must zink differently about your time. Zink dat it is your creative verk zat will make all other verk more dazzling. Zink about the time you are driving and other routinte activities as times to gather ideas and develop them a little more before you even have to sit down. Sometimes jill thinks about ideas so much while dong other things that she can’t vait to begin and she simply msut make the time so she does. This is priming motivation and motivation in the creative process is heart beats loudly and joyously it also helps to envision the finished product... Dis again primes motivation and you will find it easier to find the time when ze exhilaration sets you on fire.

Bea silly:

Get out the stickers and the chart. Give yourself stickers when you find the time (make them big stickers) . Make sure as you anticipate your creative time you anticipate it like a child .. Finding how it can be made fun. For instance...

Writing: get new pens, fun paper, place a fun toy on your computer, imagine a crowd of people cheering you on simply for your effort despite the quality.

For art: play fun fun music. Send yourself an e-card invitation to invite your child self to play at your creative passion. State time and day and show up with your best kid clothes on. Have fun. Gotta go.

Muse song:

Find supportive others to do your creative joy with or let supportive others know when you will be finding the time and then ask them to inquire how you did with it afterward.
Also, give yourself new messages about time. “i happily and easily find the time to do my creative passion. It bring joy to me and others.”
But have compassion with yourself if it doesn’t work out. If you beat yourself up, you’re less likely to even attempt to find the time again. Just delicately say “ooops, missed that time .. But there’s more time ahead i haven’t even used yet.”


Embrace the process and it’s potential for serendipity. Take away the pressure of being perfect. Sometimes not finding the time is an avoidance strategy for not being able to deal with the overwhelm or fears involved with creativity. Inadequacy is one of those fears.


Be confident you can find the time. Act as if you have the time. Be ruthless in your commitment to your creative good. You have much to share... be true to yourself and the forces with whom endowed you with these gifts... Show the world your brilliance.


Lull was still on a break... A postcard she sent said I'm grateful I'm creative...

The shadow muse:

Admit that you are not finding the time for whatever weakness you ascribe it to... Then do art, writing, music dance around that weakness. Submit to what it is, to the truth and exalt it in art. Or not. Our suppressed weakness are filled with energy and new ideas.


Well okeedokee, it only takes 5 to 15 minutes a day, ya know. You can find the time for that, can’t cha? Use the time to set up your space at first, use the time to gather ideas and momentum, make itsty bitsy small steps. Just a page, just a scribble, just a footprint... Don’t overwhelm yourself with high expectations... Just set yourself in motion. Once you establish a habit, it will feel funny not doing your creative pursuit. Take a class, that helps structure time. Get a coach... I heard jill’s a pretty good one.

From krishanna:

“My concept of time has evolved and changed over the last few years as a result having a spinal cord injury and being forced to change my life. I’ve learned that whatever time it takes to create, is never, can never be a waste. When we arrive at our work with the intention and knowledge of creating something that only we can make, something that reflects who we are and what we have experienced, then we are participating in creative activity that is worthy and deserving of whatever time it takes. Making time for creativity can be a break from the confusion of the surface to the stillness of the center."

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