Dear Muses,

I have so many ideas. How do I decide on just one?

Ideas R Us

Dear Ideas R Us,

First, congratulations on being a conduit of the Creative Universe. Having many ideas is certainly reason to celebrate. But after the confetti hits the floor there are some things you need to consider in order to honor these divine gifts and their juicy possibilities. Since we don’t know the specifics of your personality, your experience, your eating habits, and your history we have to guess what would work best for you because this challenge can be the symptom of several thought processes. However, one of these Muse suggestions is bound to steer you in a dazzling direction:

Marge, The Muse of Okay-Now-Let’s-Get-Started:
Let’s talk about the many creative ways we procrastinate when we could be attending to our ideas. Some mortals do laundry or clean the kitchen floor, others make phone calls they normally wouldn’t make, clean lint out of their belly button ..The list goes on and on and it also includes having so many ideas you don’t know where to start. A little experimental commitment is in order. Commit to some ideas for a month and see how you feel. Aha-phrodite will tell you how to determine which ideas to choose. Buckle down. Realize the creative process does require discipline and work, it’s not always easy and fun, but there are few higher and more satisfying ways to spend your time. The hardest part is starting. With some tangible development brewing from sometimes initially forced efforts, the momentum will increase and it will be easier. Adding the structure of a class or mentor sometimes often the trick too.

Aha-phrodite the Muse of Paying Attention and Possibilities:
Pay attention and write all your ideas on index cards then have an intuitive energy contest. Close your eyes and feel in your body the excitement level for each idea and write a number between 1 and 20 representing the excitement factor. (one being the most excitement). Find the highest energy ideas and if they are all 1 .. get bold and honest with yourself. Decide on three, save the rest for later. See if there’s any ideas you can combine. Pick out the three winners and for the next month commit yourself to those ideas. Actually write in your calendar when you will work on them. What may happen is that once you truly get into one it may take you with it, in which case you file the other two away for future reference.

Marge Again:
If you are finding resistance starting these ideas it’s resistance not the quantity of ideas you are up against. Resistance breaks down with action of any kind and very small steps.

Spills, The Muse of Practice Process and Imperfection:
Sometimes mortals don’t want to start on their ideas because they fear their ideas will not come out as good as they envisioned them or hoped. They dread frustration, ineptness and failure. The creative process is filled with discovery. Let the idea be the trigger for starting you in a process that may look or sound completely different from what you planned .. it may be better. But what is for sure is that mortals always change for the better when engaged in the creative process, no matter what form the product takes. They heal, share, express, x grow, connect and get to know themselves better and ultimately keep discovering layers of the experience of life worth getting excited about.

Invest time in your idea as practice, not as some really important endeavor that is critical to your success. As Bea Silly would say be light about it. If you approach it with lofty importance you are bound to overwhelm yourself. Approach it with fascination and exploration, fun and curiosity in mind.

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