5 Modern Day Muses on How to Think Differently and Your New Year

1. Muse Song, The Muse of Pampering, Nurturing and Good Company:

Make one of your new year resolutions to continue something you are already doing that is working , giive yourself credit that you don't always have to be figuring something new out to do to be better. You already are doing much of what you need to do keep it up and acknowledge yourself for it. This is not just for the feel-good properties of patting yourself on the back, it's fuel. We need to come from a place of fuel rather than depletion.

2. Bea Silly, The Muse of Laughter, Play and Dance:

Start your day out with a list of things to do and then put "I get to . . . " in front of each of them. This will inspire you to subconsciously start focusing on why the things you do are fun or something to be thankful for. It will also shift your focus from a dread-locked one, into a one with child-like eagerness.

3.Albert, Muse of Imagination and Innovation

Look for something different each day. Ask what makes this meeting, this time at your easel or workspace, this meal different? Ask other small questions to shift your brain into innovation mode: In what small way can I look at my day differently? What different point of view can I take with my writing? When you do not expect an immediate answer, your subsconsious will percolate many answers.

4. Shadow, The Muse of the Dark Side

Stop the fighting inside your head between the inner critic and the inner critic disputer.  Disarm the critic by answering it with "So what, I'm human, we are not always perfect and that's okay."  When you begin to accept your imperfections rather than rationalize, deny or suppress them, you free up a bunch of energy you can use on creativity instead.

5. Marge, The Muse of Okay-Now-Let's-Get-Started

Choose not to overwhelm yourself. Wanting things too fast and too much is an epidemic these days. Unrealistic expectations result in immobilization. Knowing that we have a tendency to set unrealistic expectations gives us the awareness to start making really tiny steps . . . knowing that when they set us in motion we will keep going. Stop listening to all the motivation tapes and self help in a way that you think you must make big changes immediately . . . make a 5% change weekly . . . it adds up faster than no change because it's overwhelming.

Most of all . . . have fun and follow your passion.


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