Dear Muses,

I am getting burned out and depleted from working so hard on my creative passions and business. I'm dangerously close to calling it quits. Can the Muses help?


Dear Ug,

Strangely enough, I just did a consultation in Oregon related to this specific predicament. Two entrepreneurs working around the clock to make and keep a creative publication successful were beginning to wilt. They started percolating enthusiasm again when four of the Muses shared some wisdom. See if this wisdom helps you:

Lull started first . . .
Do you take breaks? Breaks include things like getting up from your desk, easel, or other instrument of creative expression and taking a walk, goofing off, daydreaming, dancing boogie woogie, talking to a tree you've been neglecting these things may seem frivolous but they are vital to prevent the creative process from being depleted.

Gertrude Stein said "It takes a lot of time to be a genius, you have to sit around so much doing nothing, really doing nothing." Breaks also include outings to places that give you a fresh perspective . . . toy stores, libraries, parks, sculpture gardens, galleries even hardware stores. Vacations . . . even for a weekend help. The mind must be given a void every once in awhile in order to make room for fresh flocks of migrating thoughts.

Bea Silly
If you're not having fun, the child-like spirit inside of you will rebel and prevent ideas from trying to make their way to your conscious awareness. You must find time to do those things that you find fun every once in a while, even if they are not related to work. Play and joy are creative helium and lift your spirits into view of new ideas . . . and crazy concepts that pop into ingenuity.

Muse Song
This was transformational to our Oregon team. Instead of always focusing on what ANSI been done, what needs to be done and hats missing . . . start focusing on hats there now. Make a ritual of listing what you've accomplished during the week. I call it the Credit Report. Give yourself credit and you feel filled and fortified. Always focus on hats needed and you will feel yourself become depleted.

Delegate where you can. Delegation automatically elevates your work to a new level of abundant expectation and frees you up for the stuff you want to do. These two guys at the creative publication paid people on commission. They were leery about delegating and paying minimum wage to an assistant until I suggested that they did not have to do it PERFECTLY! We need to experiment with various problem-solving techniques without expecting them to happen perfectly at first. Follow-up is crucial to several aspects of creative marketing and if we don't have the time or inclination to do it . . . it is SO worth it to delegate.

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