Repeat Advertising . . . It Works for Toothpaste . . . Why Not BLISS?
TV jingles . . . they are imprinted in the file folds of our mind's memory and so easily accessed with the cue of a few key words.

"Oh I wish I were an Oscar Meyer Weiner. That is what I truly want to be ee ee."

In my seven-character one woman show, "I Can't Always Handle Reality, But It's Really the Only Place to Get a Good Cup of Coffee", I have a character who watched so much TV she could only talk in TV jingles. She would say things like: "You've come a long way baby, actual mileage may vary." "Plop, fizz, fizz . . . oh what a relief it is to Snap, Crackle and Pop." "I'm a Pepper . . . wouldn't you like to be all that you can Be? Take the Pepsi challenge, Take the Nestea plunge, Take only as directed. When it rains it pours, dish washing liquid? You're soaking in it. "

It is too bad these jingles are not something we can use to strengthen self-confidence or elicit brilliant ideas. Just think of it. In the world of creativity we have to guard constantly against the repetitive voices in our head that discourage us from engaging in the process we love so much.

Here is my challenge to you. Make a jingle about your belief in yourself as a creative person. Or repeat a quote that empowers you to the point of the quote being as easily accessible as a TV jingle. Here are some combination of empowering sayings that I like, made into little ditties:

"I just need to take the first step and the way will be made clear.
I will overcome bad habits, resistance and my fear."

"There is no glory such as this
When I'm in my creative bliss, . . . start now."

I can walk to the rhythm of this poem and make it stick. Then I can call it up when I need it Or another suggestion is to find a quote someone else said and commit it to easily accessible memory when you are driving . . .

Albert, The Modern Day Muse of Innovation and Imagination would be proud of us if we could take the repeat advertising we are subjected to in the world of advertisement and make it a self-empowerment tool.


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